Jan-Marie Quinn

Response to questionnaire:


Kia Ora Gentlemen

I acknowledge receipt of your Campaigners questionnaire .

I have been contemplating a response .

As a first time candidate I feel disadvantaged by this process . 

The date noted for completion of this questionnaire has not yet passed however I see you have already compiled a list of preferred and non preferred candidates ???

Respectfully gentlemen you do not know me nor I you . 
How are any of you qualified to pass judgement on me as a prospective candidate. ???

I am not intending  to complete your questionnaire.
Personally I feel it’s biast and clearly the Campaigners have a hidden or not so hidden agenda . 
Not something I want to be involved in . 

Meet the candidate evenings were created for the voters to decide who their preferred candidates are and I am happy to be part of this process . 
I would like to wish ALL the candidates the very best of luck and I look forward to meeting them  in the near future."

[Jan-Marie Quinn email 8 Sep 19]

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