Meeting at Events Centre Thursday 19 Sep 19, 7 pm

Questions for councillor candidates (Rotary to choose)

Cultural Centre.

For councillors who voted for the Cultural Centre project:

Why did you spend $400,000 on this project when you knew from the start that no commercial operations were allowed on the domain?

Noting that the public were against changing the Reserves Act categories with 6,500 voting against a CAB there, in the 2011 petition.

- - -

Traffic lights.

For Anna Park and other councillors who voted for the traffic lights and ‘improvements’ at Norman Smith and Wairakei Drive.

Why did you go ahead with the lights, spending $900,000 on ‘improvements’, when you relied on, and refused to discuss, a seriously flawed consultants report that cost $141,500 ($41,500 over budget)?


Noting that: councillors couldn’t prove there were any safety issues before lights were installed, 1,070 people petitioned against them, council own 25m of land to the west, delays and crash danger are increased and a roundabout could have cost 5% of the consultants estimate of $1.5m and be safer, with better flow.


- - -


To all candidates:

Your thoughts on spending $1,350,000 p.a. (the average interest and repayments over 20 years) on building a $30m council building, when current leases are ¼ of that at $400,000 p.a.?

Noting other costs and risks with owning a building:

insurance, maintenance, obsolescence, depreciation, Global Financial Crisis property value falls – and that the old CAB, a $3m residual value asset, was written off after 30 years.

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