Christine Rankin

Rankin: council meetings missed = 12 out of 69 (17%), the third worst of all councillors.

Scathing review of Rankin's performance before her WINZ contract was not renewed:

" What I had not expected, however, was the on-going saga of problems that plagued the department and particularly Ms Rankin almost from the start of her term as chief executive. I have to say that I would expect a CEO of a government department of 5,000 staff on $250,000 a year to take responsibility for effective communication with her Minister." 
" [Her attitude] was bordering almost on an unwillingness to accept any criticism. I have rarely experienced that level of defensiveness in a chief executive. There was a mismatch between Mrs Rankin's skills and those the new chief executive would need." 
— Michael Wintringham, State Services Commissioner. 

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Lost environment court hearing after contract not renewed:

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