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  Time for a Change.


4 of our 7 candidates were elected in 2019.

Taupo Ward Councillors:  


We look forward to a fresh start for 2019 to 2023.

Thanks to all who voted wisely.

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Our campaign for 2019 below:


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

We, The Campaigners, encourage you to support the candidates who will provide leadership the Taupo district desperately needs.

We need councillors who:

  • put ratepayers first, council second and management third

  • have sound financial analysis ability  

  • can hold effective public meetings

  • are strategic, ethical, prudent, intelligent

  • can analyse and incorporate alternate ideas 

  • have control over management / CEO

  • provide strong leadership 

  • be suitably qualified

We would like to see a change in mayor and most current councillors.


In our opinion, the mayor and most councillors have shown poor leadership / have little financial analysis ability / do not have effective control over management / are committing us to ever increasing rate demands and a blow out of council debt / plan a new office based on poor public consultation / dismissed sensible proposals for council building and bus terminal  / installed traffic lights without listening to the people.

Projects poorly managed:


  • Cultural centre ($40m project) total fees $400k but council knew before starting, that the Reserves Act didn't allow any commercial operations on the domain - this is very difficult to change.

  • Council building current leases are $400k p.a. A $30m build at 4% loan is $1.35m in interest and capital repayments = 4 times as expensive as leasing. Tenders requested despite ongoing controversy  - fees $74k to date. 6,500 petition against CAB on domain in 2011 ignored. 2 underground car parks planned, despite 20 years of parking in town.

  • Latest news: CEO didn't know that 'existing use rights' for the old CAB didn't apply after the building had been demolished.

  • New traffic lights had 14 vehicles go through red lights in 3 hours, in the first week. $300k spent for less flow 95% of the time, increased danger and was based on a flawed consultant's reportTraffic flowed 30% better when the power failed in town. Another $600k still unaccounted for (waiting for response).

  • CEO given another 5 year contract at over $300,000 p.a. with only 2 others interviewed for the job and council pushing ahead with plans for CAB and hotel application accepted- despite elections in Oct.

Parking report shows around 20 years of space still available.

Local government review  assessment of councils = poor.

Council Mark Report assessment of TDC's financial ability = poor


  Our assessment criteria and our response to questions

(Underlined names are links to their pages / responses, go here for Weekender profiles)

Mayor:                              Zane Cozens (questionnaire and profile)

                                            Kim Eyles, David Trewavas, Christine Rankin


Taupo ward,                    Rosanne Jollands, Yvonne Westerman, John Boddy, Kathy Guy

East Ward Rural,           Chris Te Whare

Turangi                            Tangonui Kingi, John Mack

                                            Kevin Taylor (profiles, no questionnaire)

                                            Kylie  Leonard, Mich’eal Downard, Mo Harding,

                                            Te Takinga New, Duncan Campbell, Paula Mcrae,

                                            Christine Singer (refused questionnaire)

                                            Jan-Marie Quinn (refused questionnaire)

                                            Rosie Harvey (attendance and refused questionnaire)

                                             John Williamson (refused questionnaire)

                                             Anna Park (refused questionnaire)

                                             Christine Rankin (reviews) 


Unopposed candidate:  Kirsty Trueman




Sent to candidates 3 Sep 19, responses due 10 Sep, replies posted above.

1/ What inspired you to stand/continue as a Councillor?


2/ How would you represent ratepayers against ever growing bureaucracy of Local Government and in particular the CEO / management’s increasing control over councillors?


3/ Will you investigate cost cutting measures such as a restructuring of council staff and salaries?


4/ List evidence of your skills, qualifications and experience that gives you the confidence to represent ratepayers on Council?


5/ What are your governance, financial and critical analysis skills?


6/ With the District currently enjoying a growth phase, where should the priorities of capital expenditure be? What are the priorities for Taupo's future?


7/ The Council vision is to be the most prosperous and liveable District in the North island. Would you as a Councillor have conflict between tourism and outdoor activity promotion and improving core services on behalf of residents?


8/ Councils by law can increase the Uniform Annual General Charge (UAGC) to 30% of total rates revenue. The UAGC is $250 per rateable unit which in 9.13% of total rates revenue (17/18). Would you support increasing UAGC to a higher level with an ultimate target of 30%?


9/ Is the Council differential rating mechanism fairly reflecting services and benefits across the district ratepayers?


10/ Taupo Council has one of the highest debt to ratepayer ratios of all Councils; do you agree with the Long Term Plan projected debt increase and have confidence that we ratepayers support this policy?


11/ Do you agree with the current policy re the Maori Wards?


12/ What is your analysis of the $40m ‘Cultural Centre’ project, particularly in reference to the $474k spent on consultants before the Reserves Act was researched, showing no commercial activities allowed?


13/ What is you analysis of the ‘Northern Corridor Improvements’ project (costing $900k)?


14/ What is your preferred option for the CAB (Council Administration Building) and why? Include particular reference to building or leasing.


15/ During your time as a Councillor what is the highlight, the one achievement on behalf of ratepayers, that you have personally driven?

Other questions (after 3 Sep 19):

How could Taupo District Council’s Lake-shore Erosion Policy be improved, so that our vulnerable lake-shores are better protected from erosion?

Could TDC’s working relationship with the Waikato Regional Council be strengthened? If so how?


Hundreds of supporters, growing by the day.  Join the revolution.

Senior community leaders have been helping with this campaign, along with many emails of support and donations.

Many supporters choose to remain anonymous - that's small town politics.

Paul Henson: web designer and one of the organizers - campaigned against 7 sets of traffic lights in the long term plan.

6 sets were removed, saving ratepayers $2.5m and a lot of driver frustration...

  Sep - questionnaire responses received

          16 Sep - mayoral candidates, public meeting (7 pm Great Lake Centre)

             19 Sep - meet councillor candidates, public meeting (7 pm Great Lake Centre)

20 Sep panel assessment decision

messages of support

/ join our panel:




Kiwibank Taupo Campaign

38 9000 0737740 07

$10  $20  $50  $100  $1,000

anonymous or named, for local paper ads.

(no charity status or gst number sorry,

receipt will be emailed)


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